A few weeks back I wrote a post about how I didn’t get the whole runner’s high thing. It was mostly about how I didn’t feel more energized from running. On that same post, Layla left this comment:

I am in SUCH a better mood if I run. I’ve been off all running for 15 days now (see? I’m counting the days) due to a possible stress fracture, and it’s been killing me. Ask most people who know me, and they’ll agree that I’ve been in the worst possible funk — mad at the world, getting as closed to depressed as I can get, shutting people out. I went on an 11-mile bike ride Saturday, and suddenly the world looked a little better. I should have done that much earlier, before I pissed off/confused a bunch of people. I’m still pretty bummed out, but I’ve definitely realized that I’m addicted to running.

As for energy, yeah, I feel a lot more motivated after running. It puts the world back into perspective, which is a kind of runner’s high.

I don’t remember it feeling at all like this when I started running, but I also don’t remember a time when I was suddenly addicted to the endorphins/energy. I think it just snuck up on me, and when I’ve had to ease off or, as in this case, completely stop running for a bit, that’s when I notice the difference. Just be thankful that nothing is making you realize it the hard way.

Unfortunately, I am learning it that hard way. Now that I’ve been off running for 5 days I’m finally beginning to understand. Not only have I been completely depressed about this, but I feel like I have tons of pent-up energy. I went for a bike ride on Friday and I tried doing kicks in the pool for a half hour today, but it just wasn’t the same. I barely broke a sweat. The worst part though is that my leg shows no signs of getting better. It actually feels worse today than it did a few days ago. So this week my goal is not to do any running and to continue with the ice. I’m hoping this way week 9 will have me hitting the running trails again…

This week’s totals:
Mileage: 7.56 miles
Average Pace: 12:12
(I think this reflects my injury pretty accurately.)
Total Training Miles: 85.2