MeI am a wanderer, a freelance writer, and a misanthrope. I am generally inappropriate, but have been trying, as I age, to keep things a little more PC. I have a number of different interests, for which I  have kept blogs throughout the years all over the interwebs. I have found, though, that I am having more and more trouble coming up with enough content for each of my many interests to keep those blogs from dying. For that reason I have decided to consolidate my blogs here, leaving tabs at the top for those of you who have followed me elsewhere for a specific purpose, whether it be interest in running gear or newly released books. I’m still trying to figure out how exactly to organize the tabs to make it easily navigable by you, but hopefully it will be a finished product soon.

For the record, this is a personal blog. I do not consider myself a professional, nor are my opinions representative of any other organization that I may mention or link to in this blog. I originally began writing on myspace where I pretty much said whatever little thing popped into my head. I enjoy looking back at some of the hot-headed posts I wrote back when I was more idealistic and zealous about my opinions so I have left them up, here. Please feel free to peruse them, but realize that they were written by a somewhat more naive version of myself and getting snarky with me probably won’t lead to much if the post is several years old. Feel free to comment wherever you’d like. I’d love to hear your opinions and know what you think about things.

And, although they seem self-explanatory, here’s a little bit of a breakdown of the category tabs to help you navigate more easily:

Books: In general, this section consists of book reviews, author interviews and general book news, which were originally located at my book blog, The Inside Cover. I also hold a number of book giveaways, especially when I’m preparing for a big trip and don’t want to look for storage…

Food: This is a new category, where I hope to highlight new and interesting restaurants I come across, share recipes with all of you, and will likely post pictures of delicious food I find along the way.

Travel: I hope to share travel tips and observations here. I’ll likely keep any personal travel drama in the “personal” section, but will post photos of cool places and interesting facts in this section instead. I hope this section will be more of a resource for other travelers than a travel log of all of my (mis)adventures.

Running: This section includes posts that originally appeared on my running blog, Girl Runner. It includes gear reviews, training tips, interviews with runners, and other general information/whining related to my ridiculous running obsession.

Photos: The photos section will highlight favorite photos of mine from travels and general everyday life. There is a separate section for Project 365, which is a personal challenge I took on last year to take at least one photo every day (a task I did not complete). In addition, I will be posting photos of my faithful travel companion, Kevyn Bacyn, in a separate section entitled, “Kevyn’s Adventures.” This is more of a silly thing that I enjoy doing when I’m on vacation because it allows me to semi-mock other tourists taking photos of themselves in front of monuments without actually having to have my photo taken in front of anything. I never look cute on vacation anyway and would rather photograph Kevyn in all his glory than to bore you all with framers of myself.

Personal: This is pretty much everything else. If it doesn’t fit into one of the above categories, or if it’s just me ranting about politics or rambling about nothing important, you’ll find it here.

Thanks for reading!



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Rebecca love your blog and photos!
    I’m a national newspaper journalist in the UK who is part of a group putting together a new global ‘adventure’ outdoor sports and travel website. The site is being designed at the moment but we already have many contributors from all around the world on sports including basejumping and surfing, through to climbing, caving, running and biking – and many between.
    We are doing everything for free at the moment and it will be an eco and social enterprise project as well.
    As I’m putting together articles and sourcing videos and photos at the moment, I was wondering whether there was any chance of using any of your brilliant China Wall marathon photos? We are showcasing galleries from photographers from around the world and would love to show yours in the running section.
    I can obviously credit where they came from, link any site and send you a link to the site when it’s up?
    Maybe you would like to submit things on a regular basis further down the line – some of your running blogs would be perfect and we have a travel section where we are interested in being led by contributors and their ideas.
    We hope we will have a lot of people visiting the site when it is ready.
    Any help you can give us would be great, but if it’s not your scene, thanks for reading and good luck with your writing and travels!

    1. bexadler Says:

      Hi there! Thanks so much for the comment and for your interest in my photos. It sounds like my kind of website and I’d love to be a contributor. You can email me directly at bexadler [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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