Some people are born with an internal compass. They’re the people who can find their way out of the forest, in the dark, even if they’ve never been there before. Me, I can’t even find my way out of the mall without someone giving me directions. I don’t know why, but I have absolutely NO sense of direction. I’m always turning right when I should be turning left. In fact, Donald used to tell me that if my instincts told me to turn right I should know I’m supposed to be turning left. And I didn’t even take it as an insult because I knew he was right.

I proved this point, yet again, last night when I went to meet Kassie for sushi, in Sacramento, only three blocks from my old apartment. I was half an hour late because I did a complete circle around the city of Sacramento. I took I-5 to I-80 West to I-80 East right back to I-5 without ever getting off the freeway. I ended up taking Garden Highway because I knew my way from there. I felt like a complete idiot because I got lost – in a city I’ve lived in for 10 years! I’ve only been gone for six months but somehow I can’t ever find my way around anymore. It’s really awful…

And I know it annoys people. Not kidding, I got lost every time I went to P.’s house and I went there at least two or three times a week. It was to the point that when he was in the car with me he’d say, “this is my street,” so I wouldn’t have to feel stupid when I accidently passed it, again. I’m just lucky I’m a person who can laugh at myself…and hopefully everyone else can laugh with me when I show up late to everything. Sorry!

Sacramento is bad enough and we only have about four freeways. What would I do in a city like San Francisco or L.A.? I think I’d become a recluse or make everyone else drive me around. This is why we need a great public transit system. Now those maps, I can read.


I am SO happy right now. I’ve been doing situps for about two weeks now and last night I did Pilates (aka The Hour-long Situp) and my abs are SO hard today. There is no better feeling than the feeling of finally getting in shape after months of overeating and being lazy. Having the time to workout is definitely a plus for being single.

If you haven’t tried Pilates, you definitely should. It works out muscles you don’t even know you have. My inner thighs and ab muscles are definitely sore from the workout I did yesterday. And although it wasn’t kickboxing, it definitely made me feel good to workout. Tonight I’m going to Hot Yoga with Steph (finally) and tomorrow I’m going to hit up the kickboxing place here.

I was going to do kickboxing last night because I really felt like punching/kicking something, but I couldn’t find the place. I have the worst sense of direction, ever. I think kickboxing is definitely going to be my new thing. I plan to use it as a major stress/anger reliever (and I have a lot of pent up anger right now). Has anyone done kickboxing before? Any suggestions?

When I was younger I would get really caught up in mystery novels, but I would get so nervous toward the middle that I’d have to read the last page to assure myself that everything would turn out alright in the end. Sometimes I wish life could be like that. When I’m in a bookstore I can read the book’s cover, I can read the first page and I can read the last page. Sometimes after just the cover I know it’s something that doesn’t interest me or something not worth my time and I can move on to the next book. Why can’t life be like that? I don’t even need the very last page, how bout just the last page of an ongoing saga? Is that too much to ask?

Why do we let ourselves get caught up in things we know are bad for us? Why do we let things into our lives when we know it’s going to hurt in the end? How do we know and not stop ourselves? Is it hope or is it stupidity?

I really don’t know the answers, but I thought I had grown out of my “last page first” stage of life. I guess it depends on the book. Truth is, I just stopped reading mystery novels. From now on, I don’t think I’m going to read anymore books without reading more than just the cover to see if it’s worth my time and energy.

I don’t know about Sacramento, but here in Yolo we have avoided any major flooding. Although mudslides are still blocking roadways, some powerlines have fallen and some communities are still partially submerged in water no large-scale damage is expected – at least not today.

I just talked to an emergency services spokesman for my city and he said water levels peaked at 1 foot below the levee and then decreased sharply throughout the night, losing 10 feet of water within hours. So even though there are still several roads closed due to flooding, the majority of us escaped any problems. I hope this holds true for the rest of the region…

There is flooding throughout Northern California, with power outages, mudslides and water-logged roads causing major problems in many cities. I-80, I-505 and Highway 16 have been closed in the areas closest to my home and sandbags are being filled like crazy here. But this should come as no surprise to anyone living in the Sacramento Region. Although we haven’t had flooding since 1998 (the year of El Nino), it was bound to happen again and it’s because the city was built on a wetland.

Yes, precautions like building levees and digging out overflow areas have been taken, but can we ever really subvert what Mother Nature wants? I think not, especially when we’re covering the land, which used to soak up the water, with pavement and houses. Of course your house is going to flood.

I’ve always thought about this during the rainy season here because people complain so much about the rain and the flood water, but do they honestly expect any different? Just because Sacramento doesn’t look like a wetland/flood plain anymore doesn’t mean that it isn’t one.

I do hope that everyone makes it out safe though. Here in Yolo emergency workers have been evacuating families since early yesterday and moving the elderly from retirement homes and nursing homes to higher ground and non-flooded areas. Every town surrounding me has suffered major flooding and instead of being out there volunteering to fill sandbags and help displaced people, I’ve been out to the levees and driving around looking for stranded people so I can interview them for a good story. It’s no wonder so many reporters seem so jaded, like me.

But I do feel I’m providing a public service. I’ve been writing about this flood since days before it happened and giving the people the information they need to know in order to get out safely. Because of newspapers and news channels people know who they should contact, what they should prepare, where shelters are, where the floods will happen first and when they should get out.

Well, that made me feel a little better at least. I know some of you have been out volunteering to help with flood victims and filling sandbags and I commend you for your efforts. I hope the levees hold up. From what I saw yesterday, they don’t have much hope if the water gets too high because the waters are flowing so fast and the wind and rain is only getting worse.

For those of you who don’t know what a levee is, it’s just a big wall of dirt along the riverbanks to serve as a speed bump for the water when it gets too high. Cache Creek only has one more foot to go before it makes it over the levee, which is fine. The real problems start when the levee gives out and there’s no speed bump there. To reinforce it they were putting thick plastic, called Visquine, over the levee so the dirt won’t wash away and they were holding them down with more than 3,000 sandbags. All done by volunteers and Dept. of Water Resources workers.

For information on what you can do to prepare or help click:
Sacramento Red Cross
Yolo Red Cross
American Red Cross

Yes, that’s right I’m not doing anything for New Year’s Eve AGAIN. When I was a teenager it was always because my parents didn’t want me driving on the roads with all the crazy drunks. Then when I got older I just never really had a desire to celebrate new year’s, but this year I had plans and now they’re ruined for much of the same reason as when I was a teenager.

In case you haven’t been outide recently, or haven’t been watching the news, there’s a major storm system headed through Northern California and it’s been flooding several regions, including my county. The creek closest to my house was supposed to reach the top of the levee by 4 p.m. today, causing major flooding throughout the area. Water is supposed to reach the northern half of my town by 9 p.m.

Now, even though I don’t live in the north end of town, I’m still worried because several roads have been closed during the day and I have to work in the morning so if I drive out to see my friends I may not make it back in time. Not only that, but I was scared to death driving home in the pouring rain last night and I’ll be ten times more scared tonight with a storm AND crazy drunks driving on the road. It’s just not worth risk. Sometimes I hate being a responsible adult.

But I’m also not going to sit here and pout too much. Instead, I plan to enjoy all of my wonderful vices before I have to give them up for the new year. I’m going out to buy ice cream, wine and 2 tacos from Jack in the Box. And I plan to enjoy them all while watching Sex and the City. So there Mother Nature, you can’t ruin my holiday completely.

Last year I only had one new year’s resolution and I made it to May before giving in to Jack in the Box and their delicious 2 tacos for $1 deal. So this year, I have the same resolution – to limit fast food to once a month – along with several other things I’d like to change or accomplish this year.

– I resolve to decrease my sugar intake. I’ve been eating way too much candy and cookies lately and my teeth are starting to hurt from it, so I’m pretty much giving it up, except for the occasional M&M’s.

– I’m going to begin Spanish classes so I can try to communicate with Costa Ricans while I’m there this summer, along with this goal is the goal to save up enough money to even take the trip. (see the end of this blog for latest update on donations)

– I’m going to be more assertive in telling people what I want so I don’t get stuck in a relationship/job/position I don’t want to be in.

– I’m going to have as much fun as possible! This is an important one.

– I’m going to read more. I want to try to read at least two books per month, if not more.

– I’m going to take the CBEST and pass (hopefully) so I can begin tutoring/substitute teaching, which leads to my last and final goal:

– I’m going to fill out my application for the Peace Corps.

So how ’bout the rest of you? Did you accomplish your goal this year and have you set new ones for next year? Even if it’s not something you normally do, New Year’s resolutions are a good idea because they give us a milestone, a time that we’ll remember and be able to use to gauge our progress.

PS I received another donation for Costa  Rica! This time from Joe. Thanks Joe!

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Only $1500 to go. Remember you can read about what I’ll be doing and donate by pushing the “Make a donation” button on my front page.

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