prettyspittingPretty Woman Spitting is another memoir about a foreigner living in China. This one is of a young American girl who came to China to teach English for a semester. She only lived here for six months, but a lot happened during that time and she managed to see a bit of the country. The author, Leanna Adams, lived in an even smaller town than me during her time in China, giving her a more intimate look into the lives of her Chinese students.

I liked this book because it made me laugh – mainly because so many of her experiences are so familiar to what I have experienced in China. There were about 100 times while reading the book when I said, out loud, “Yes! Yes, that’s exactly what it’s like.” In fact, I tell everyone I know that if they want to know what my life in China is like, then they should read this book. However, it is not all funny anecdotes, there are some sad bits as well that had me crying, so prepare yourself.