Bags are Packed, originally uploaded by bexadler.
Five months ago, when I made the decision to leave China, it seemed like an eternity before I would be able to leave. Now the snow has cleared, the sun is shining, and the streets are lined with trees and grass, and somehow Shenyang doesn’t seem so bad after all. Of course, come November I’d be back to feeling bluer than blue, which is why I had to make the decision during the dreary gray winter. I knew I’d be lulled into liking this place once the weather changed. And so it is that my time here is finished. The bags are packed, all of my furniture has been cleared out and given to other expats around town, and I’ve said all my goodbyes. I’m sad to be saying goodbye to so many new friends, but I am looking forward to the next big adventure. I still have not found a job and do not know what I am really doing, but I know it will work out in the end. Somehow.
P.S. I will be traveling in Mongolia for the next month, which means I will likely not have Internet access, so I have pre-posted some entries for you all. This means you still have to read about China for a bit longer. Hopefully I will find it in me to finally write about India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines once I get to Switzerland. We could all use a change of scenery, no?