Good Omen, originally uploaded by bexadler.

I’ve written here before about my weird superstitions. I don’t believe in most, but sometimes I get these weird ideas in my head and can’t let go of them. For example, in Melbourne at the beginning of my Year of Travel (which has turned into Years of Travel), I bought this turquoise necklace as a good luck charm. It was partially because I was obsessed with the jade necklaces everyone wore in New Zealand but also because I liked the idea of having a good luck charm. I immediately decided I would never take it off until it broke and that when it finally broke it would mean that I would have good luck. I have no idea why I decided this, but there it was.

Well, the longer I wore the necklace, the more superstitions I began to have about it. Eventually I started believing that when it finally fell off it would mean that I had finally found where I was supposed to be in the world (you can all guess how fearful I have been that it would break in China!). I have been secretly hoping that it would break in Switzerland (of course…I’m such a sap!). Anyway, after almost two years of wearing it, it finally broke during my farewell party last night. Because it was during my going away celebrations, I’m still counting it as a good omen that it is high time to get out of this awful town. On to the next adventure! And time to buy a new necklace. 😉

P.S. Every photo of me for the past two years has included this necklace. I can tell when a picture was taken just by whether I have this necklace on in the photo. I feel a little naked without it on and am constantly reaching for it to play with it. It’s so strange how attached I get to inanimate objects sometimes.