Lush Solid Shampoo

So far, I feel like I did a fair job of packing and leaving out the excess as much as possible. I’ve managed to wear every single piece of clothing I brought with me at least twice (including my rain jacket – score!). The only thing that is driving me absolutely mad is my stupid climbing rope, but that’s mostly because the straps on my backpack were too small to strap it to my back so I have to carry it on my shoulder while also wearing my pack. It’s been a real pain, which probably wouldn’t bother me nearly as much if I’d had a chance to use it at least once by now. I’m working my way down to The Grampians though and will hopefully get some use from it there. If I don’t get a chance to use it at all on this trip I’m going to cry though. Seriously.

Despite feeling pleased with myself for managing to cut out a lot of weight from my bag, it turns out there are a couple of things I probably should have brought. Number one: My jail-broke cell phone. I decided at the last minute not to bring it in order to save some space/weight. After only two weeks sans telephone (my skype won’t work on this new laptop for some reason), I purchased a phone here in Australia. It only cost me $19 for the phone and I put $10 of credit on it, so not too bad I supposed.

Number two: My flat iron. Apparently I’m way more vain than I had previously thought. Having ugly hair for nearly two weeks was all I could take. I bought me an Aussie flat iron. Cost: $22. I don’t feel too bad about this because both of my flat irons at home broke the week I left so, in theory, I needed a new one anyway.

Best, and probably most extravagant, purchase since arriving here though was the solid shampoo I bought at Lush. Not in ten million years did I believe the sales lady that this stuff would foam up like real shampoo, but it for realsies does. It works great, is super lightweight, and I don’t have to worry about it spilling all over my bag. Definitely a big happy face for this one, even if it did cost $15 plus $5 for the carrier tin. (In my defense, the lady says it lasts as long as three of their bottles of liquid shampoo, which are $9 or so each.)