Day 22 – Floriade, originally uploaded by bexadler.

One of the things I was most shocked by when first arriving in New Zealand (and later Australia) was that it really is spring. I mean, I knew it was spring, but it was so strange to see trees in bloom for the second time this year, rather than seeing the leaves turning to reds and oranges as they would be at this time back home. I have been quite enjoying my second spring though, especially given my love for everything that flowers. I have been trying, however, to resist the temptation to take ten zillion photos of every flower I see. That was until I heard there was a “celebration of spring” going on in the center of Canberra. I mean, how could I resist the promise of more than a million flowers all artistically planted and  just waiting for my lens to capture them in full color?

Floriade began in 1988 as part of Australia’s 200th anniversary celebration and was such a huge success that they’ve continued it as an annual spring festival. I had no idea it existed until I arrived here, but I’m so glad I happened upon it. The festival lasts until mid-October and is definitely worth stopping to see, especially because it’s FREE.

You can check out my other pictures on my flickr if you’re interested. Luckily for you, my camera ran out of batteries so there are only about a dozen tulip photos. I’m sure there could have been hundreds. 😉