Kevyn Ready for the Race, originally uploaded by bexadler.

On Sunday Melissa and I ran in the half marathon portion of the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival. The two of us have been keeping up on our running during this trip, with some tapering n the week leading up to the race. However, we both felt like we underperformed at the race. I got one of my worst recent half marathon times at 2:22:14. In July I was on course to run a 2:19 half. While I realize this isn’t a huge difference I was disappointed in my performance. I’d hoped to get closer to a 2:15 time. I’d like to blame the heat and the hills, but I’m sure that some of my problem was all of the alcohol I’ve consumed in the last couple of weeks. While I haven’t drank in excess, I also haven’t been drinking enough water, which has left me feeling dehydrated on most days. As a result my quads have really been feeling it ever since the race. I don’t think my legs have felt this sore from running since I did my marathon back in December – not good.

Aside from my poor performance though, the race was pretty fabulous. We hadn’t really had a chance to run within the central part of Sydney, as we’d been staying in a suburb to the north, so it was nice to see a large part of the city on race day. We started at Milson’s Point on the north side of the harbor, then ran over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and finished at the Sydney Opera House. The recovery area was in the Botanical Gardens, which we otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to see during our trip. The finishing area was rather unorganized and difficult to navigate, especially when you’re looking for someone sans telephone in a sea of 30,000 other runners. It was a beautiful day for running, although with a high of about 75F I was grateful to have been in the half marathon group rather than the full.

I put my training shoes back on today and am hoping to make it to the full in December, although I have to admit that the half marathon on Sunday was rather discouraging. I found myself asking time and again whether I really had the courage to even try for another full marathon. I’m going to keep up my training (and pay more attention to my hydration!) in the hopes that I will indeed toe the starting line of that race in December. I guess my half in Auckland in October will be an easy test to see if I’ve got it in me…