Sunflowers Catching Rays, originally uploaded by bexadler.

Last week while running errands for work I passed field after field of sunflowers. In the past I haven’t noticed actual field of sunflowers here in Sacramento, just random wild ones on the side of the road or among other crops. But this year they’ve seemed really prominent. I enjoy passing them because they remind me of my first ever trip to France when we drove through the Loire Valley, where the roadsides were line with field after field of beautiful sunflowers. Every time I pass one of these fields I’m taken back to that time and am reminded of the trip that started my neverending wanderlust.

Anyhow, after passing so many of these fields last week, I contacted my good friend (and “personal photographer”) Leslie to see if she’d be interested in getting some shots out in one of the sunflower fields. Of course she was interested (I bribed her with dinner at Sophia’s), and the pictures turned out awesome. In fact, this turned out to be one of our easiest photo shoots yet. Usually we’re parked along some busy highway or hopping fences and hoping not to get caught, but this time the gate at the beginning of the dirt road leading to the fields had been left open. Nobody bothered us or seemed to care that we were there. Here’s one of the pictures Leslie got of me.

Check out how tall those sunflowers are! They’re taller than me and the flowers are bigger than my head! Crazy, right?