Berry Creek Falls, originally uploaded by bexadler.

Last weekend I went with The Boy and his friends to Big Basin Redwoods for some camping and hiking. It was my first time out there and I loved it. The weather and the scenery were gorgeous. I could have done without the mosquitoes, but that’s a constant gripe of mine in the outdoors. The above photo was taken along the Skyline to the Sea Trail – a moderate 10 mile hike that passes three waterfalls and plenty of redwoods. It was a tough hike for some of those among us, but I really enjoyed it. I wouldn’t recommend it for new hikers (they’ll hate you!), but if you already know you enjoy hiking then I’d recommend checking it out.

Note: If you plan to camp in Big Basin Redwoods in summer, I’d recommend making reservations far in advance. We reserved our spot a couple months in advance and most of the campgrounds were already taken. I’d also recommend going en groupe because the campground is a bit pricey at $35 a night, plus an $8 reservation fee and a $10 fee per car if you have more than one car.