I’ve decided to rent a bedroom in a friend’s apartment for the summer in order to save money. That means that I’ve already had to begin selling all of my belongings, which, in theory, is a good thing. It means I won’t be putting it off until the last minute and so will save myself a lot of stress. Another added benefit is knowing how much money I’ll make from selling my stuff.

The downside, of course, is seeing all of my stuff walk out the door. Last week I sold my two favorite chairs, my gorgeous (although well used) couch, and my bookshelf. I now have only one chair, an assortment of tables and stacks of books adorning my living room. It’s a sad state of affairs. It’s left me in a bit of a funk and made me realize, in no uncertain terms, that this trip is really happening. And it’s freaking me out (just a little).

Then, today I was looking through my Amazon wish list and found this book, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, which I had wanted awhile back. It lead me to a blog called A Beautiful Revolution, which is kept by the author of the book, which in turn led me to the above posted cartoon drawing. I found it fitting for my current situation and it made me smile, so I thought I’d share it with you. Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday.