As you all know, I’m currently in the midst of selling off all of my belongings, yet again. This time around I’m trying to get rid of my books too, even the signed copies I’ve been lugging around for years. Most of them I’ve been selling on Amazon, but I have a couple here that are review copies so I feel guilty selling them. Instead, I’m going to give them away. The two books I’m currently sending off to new homes are both by authors from The Nervous Breakdown:

Attention.Deficit.Disorder by Brad Listi – Describe on Amazon as such: This lurching ride begins as 20-something Wayne Fencer, a defeated day-trader and idling pizza delivery boy with a B.F.A. in avant-garde filmmaking, attends the funeral of an ex-girlfriend in San Francisco who has committed suicide. Wayne can find few words of condolence and instead strafes the reader with a fusillade of facts on suicide, death and mourning, a distancing device that Listi relies on throughout the novel. The news that Wayne’s ex aborted his child in college sends the narrative machinery sputtering to life, with Listi shuttling his hero across the country (after jaunts to Mexico and Cuba) in a neo-beatnik search for meaning. Wayne’s encounters trigger all manner of intrusive digression, from boldface definitions of key words (e.g. “pheramone,” “megalopolis,” “absinthe”) to bulky movie plot summaries that detract from the novel’s story. With this Trivial Pursuit–like tic, Listi aims to capture the fragmented worldview of a coolly detached generation, but a few wedges are missing.


Sic by Brin Friesen, which I reviewed here a couple years back. It’s a book about a mix of things, but what really stuck with me were the parts about high school bullying. It’s an interesting story and one that I quite enjoyed, although it made me a little uncomfortable just because it was so real when it came to violence and bullying. It’s a well written book, but a difficult one to get through if you’re skittish like me.




So, there you have it. If you’d like either of these books, please just leave a message below stating whether you have a preference. I’ll do a drawing and announce the winners on April 1.