Yesterday was the 7th annual Shamrock’n Half Marathon. It was my fourth half marathon so I was really hoping to get  at least a 2:15 time. Unfortunately, I started getting lazy on my training in recent weeks so I only pulled in a 2:21:52. I was still happy with that though because it was still 2 minutes better than my New Orleans time from just four weeks ago. I was with the 2:20 pace group until the last two miles where I started to really fall behind. I took mile 11 really slow and then tried to kick it in for the last mile, where I think I might have made up a little bit of that time, but not enough to get back into the 2:20 group.

Two things about running a long race without proper training: soreness and injuries. I’m definitely feeling the effects of the race this morning. My legs are pretty sore this morning, which was something I never had happen when I was training for my marathon, not even on 20-mile runs. The other thing is that I totally forgot about my sweet spots for chafing. I only remembered body glide on two of my major spots so I ended up with huge swaths of chafing across my rib cage and my waist where my sports bra and pants rubbed the whole time. Sleep last night was definitely not fun because I couldn’t find a single spot to lie on that didn’t sting. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson and will always remember those spots in the future. Other than that it was a pretty great race. I had a couple of friends do it with me and they finished with great times. So happy for all the runners who made it to the finish yesterday. Good job!