Offerings to the Voodoo Queen, originally uploaded by bexadler.

On our second day in New Orleans we stopped by the city’s first cemetery, St. Louis Cemetery No.1, which is kept up (somewhat) by the archdiocese. We hadn’t planned on getting a guided tour, but we ended up getting picked up by a very well-dressed drunk, who told us all about the history of the cemetery and showed us the famous crypts. He was quite entertaining along the way and actually was really informative. One of the things he showed us was the tomb of Marie Deveaux, New Orleans’ famous voodoo queen. Believers leave her offerings and mark three X’s on her tomb in the hopes that wishes will come true for them. I didn’t leave any offerings, but my friend Melissa left an apple Jolley Rancher. She credits her amazing finish at the half marathon to some extra luck from the Voodoo Queen.