Yes, this is shameless self-promotion. I’m really excited to have gotten published in MSNBC’s health section, which is featuring a story on their Body Odd blog about my weird disorder that causes me to sweat on only one side of my body. It’s something I’ve had since I was a baby. The syndrome causes a person to sweat on only one side of their body. There’s a picture of me up there showing off my awesome half-red face. And, yes, that’s what I really look like when I run – no photoshopping involved! When I was a kid, this was the reason I swore I’d never become a runner, but I’ve embraced my freakishness as I’ve gotten older. I only wish I was able to use it as a party trick. Unfortunately it only shows up if I go for a run…or lay out on an extremely hot day. Check it out here to learn more.