Day 34 – Roadside Photo Ops, originally uploaded by bexadler.

Yesterday I had to drive South to farm country to drop off some materials to a cell phone site my company is building. While I was out there, I couldn’t help noticing the massive amounts of sunflowers growing along the sides of the roads. That along with all the corn fields and fruit stands made it impossible for me not to pull over for a second and snap some shots. I also got some pictures at the cell tower site, where there were cute little piggies, chickens and goats roaming around. It was a great day for photos. Oh, except the part where I decided I wanted to go inside a cornfield to take some pictures and landed my foot in a huge pile of mud that went halfway up my calf. My flip flop got stuck in the mud and required me to reach down and rip it out with my hands, which were then also covered in mud. My two minute stop turned into fifteen minutes of scraping mud off of my pants, shoes and feet. FUN.