July 2010

Day 63 – Giving ‘Em Up, originally uploaded by bexadler.

I never smoked a cigarette in my life until January, just before I was leaving Istanbul. I started smoking them once in awhile here because it reminded me of my friends and my life in Istanbul, even though I had flat out refused to smoke them while I was there. Anyway, this photos was taken Friday night while sitting with friends. I decided then and there that I wasn’t going to do this anymore. Threw away my last two packs of cloves the next morning.


Day 62 – Trying to Reverse the Signs of Aging, originally uploaded by bexadler.

Training for a marathon means super oily skin (at least for bexadler). Clinique is the only thing keeping me from having the acne of a 16-year-old. The moisturizer helps keep away the sun damage.

Day 61 – Steph’s Birthday, originally uploaded by bexadler.

My friends and I like to pretend to be licking things in photos.

Day 60 – Alley at Night, originally uploaded by bexadler.

Walking from one bar to the next can sometimes result in interesting sights and semi-cool photos.

Day 59 – Staring at the Wall, originally uploaded by bexadler.

Life has been feeling monotonous lately. I feel trapped within my own four walls. Everyday feels like the same way and I’m starting to get that all-too-familiar feeling of wanting to run away. I think I need a vacay.

Day 58 – Groceries!, originally uploaded by bexadler.

For the first time since I moved into this apartment (six months ago), my refrigerator contains actual food. It cost me a fortune so I’m hoping it doesn’t go to waste.

Day 57 – Josh Jammin’ On His Harmonica, originally uploaded by bexadler.

Yes, that’s a didgeridoo in the background. I was jammin’ on it before taking this picture.

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