One of the things I miss most about Istanbul is the time I spent out photographing the city. I found myself really inspired to start taking photos again when I was living there and, although I still take plenty of pictures here, I don’t do it nearly often enough. To encourage myself to take more pictures (and to get better at taking photos!), I’ve decided to partake in Project 365, even if it’s already halfway through the year. So, starting today I’ll be taking at least one photo a day. I’ll still be posting the majority of my photos on my flickr, but I’d like to give a little more context for my P-365 photos since that’s the idea. It’s kind of a way to document life as it’s passing me by. Even though I’ll likely take more than one photo on any given day, I’ll choose the one that most represents the events of my day to post here for my project. It will hopefully be like a journal in pictures. We’ll see how it goes…

First up:

Endless Mimosas at Ink

Bottomless Mimosa

After running 8 miles this morning, I was feeling lonely and decided to walk down to Ink for their infamous Bottomless Mimosas. While I knew that water was probably the better option after an 8-mile run, I just couldn’t resist the Siren song of mimosas. I also had the delicious shredded pork sandwich (they don’t serve up the mac and cheese during brunch apparently). I was supposed to meet some friends there, but they were super late getting there. I’d been at the bar for two hours with endless mimosas by the time they arrived so I headed home to avoid being stuck in the heat for too long on my walk. I got some cool pictures of flowers along the way too. Then I napped for pretty much the entire rest of the day. Ha! That’s what drinking during the day will do to you.