A couple of my friends have really expensive cameras with a bunch of cool lenses that they carry with them pretty much all the time, which means photo shoots are bound to happen just about anywhere we go. I usually bring my camera along with me too, but it’s not nearly as fancy and I feel like my pictures are amateur in comparison (but I have fun trying!), so I usually end up being the subject of the photo shoots. This is also partly because I’m a huge ham in front of the camera and love having my picture taken (I always have, it’s weird). While this seems super narcissistic of me, I know my friends appreciate it because there are surprisingly few people in this world who will just let you snap away while they stand in uncomfortable positions while also trying to look somewhat decent (Read: Not fat). The last couple of weeks we’ve found a number of great sites for taking photos and have had some cool results. You can check out my friends’ photo blogs here and here if you’re interested in checking out their stuff.

Right now we’re in the process of planning props and outfits for some outrageous New York photo shoots that are bound to ensue when the three of us touch down in the city next weekend. Watch out for some awesome pictures to come! Hopefully I’ll even get a couple of good ones that are NOT pictures of flowers. Haha.