I know, I know, this is a common complaint among those of us who read, but I’m going to bring it up anyway. I just saw Angels & Demons in theater and I just couldn’t believe the number of things they changed while making the movie. I realize that some of it was to make the story flow better, but, even major things were changed (like having Cardinal Baggia live). I also recently saw the new Harry Potter movie and I was just really not impressed by it. However, it has been quite some times since I read that book so I wasn’t able to pinpoint the major changes they made while turning the book into a movie.

I know I can’t expect the movie to be the same as the book, but why am I always so disappointed by the big screen version of books I loved? It really, really makes me not want to go see The Time Traveler’s Wife or My Sister’s Keeper. I just know they’ll let me down. I mean, honestly, how could they possibly make The Time Traveler’s Wife into a movie and keep the major story line the same? Has anyone seen these new ones? What did you think?