Well, it’s New Year’s Eve. This would usually be the time of year that I would post an update on all of my goals from last year and set some new ones. I’ve been feeling pretty blah though. Oh, why? You ask. Well, because my boyfriend and I broke up on Christmas Eve. Breaking up during the holidays is the absolutely worst thing ever. I’m not going to write much about it because, unlike some of my more infamous breakups, I still am totally in love with Tony and think he’s an awesome guy and I really don’t want everyone to think he’s a big asshole just because he broke my heart.

So let’s talk positives. I really don’t have many except that now I’ll be on the breakup diet. I’m so excited that I might be able to fit in my skinny clothes again. Also, even though I now won’t be able to afford that trip to Thailand this summer I’m applying to study abroad for a year in Istanbul. I mean, why not, right? I’m also applying for a ton of scholarships because I probably won’t be able to afford Istanbul without a lot of monetary help from the financial aid office. If anyone has any great ideas for scholarships let me know.

Um, so I guess my goals for next year are:

1. Try to get over Tony in a positive way (aka not drinking my sadness away like I’ve been known to do).

2. Find scholarships to study abroad.

3. Get out of Sacramento for awhile.

Seems pretty simple right? As for last years goals I can tell you that I reached my goal of reading one book per week and actually surpassed it this year. I managed to get in 55 books this year (and half of Audacity of Hope…hopefully it’ll be done soon). I’ll post a best of as soon as I’m feeling up to it. I didn’t manage that half marathon because of those shin splints, but I’m going to try for it again this year, especially since my way of positively dealing with this breakup is to run whenever I’m feeling down (this also helps with that breakup diet I was talking about earlier).

The funny thing is that I’ll be in good company. Since Tony and I broke up, three of my friends have had breakups as well. I guess the anti-cupid is back in the house. Who knew?