So, I finally got in to the running store this weekend to get my new running shoes. It was actually quite difficult finding me shoes this time. First, my shoe guy told me he thinks my shin splints may have been caused by underpronation due to high arches (aside from the overtraining issue). So he set me up with some shoe inserts that give me more arch support. The inserts are pretty cool because they eventually mold to your feet, or you can do it yourself by putting them in the oven and then putting them in your shoes and standing on them. I think I’m going to just let the heat of running mold them for me though. I don’t know how keen I am on putting my feet in shoes that have just been in the oven, you know?

The only thing is that with the inserts in the shoes were really shallow in the heel. I already have major problems with heel slippage, which I usually fix by choosing a shoe with narrow heels and also by using the cool loop lacing. Unfortunately, these options made no difference in the shallow shoes. We tied those suckers up tight and I still felt like my heel was going to slip right out the back.

After trying on several pairs though, I finally ended up with the Brooks Defyance shoe for women. I’m not super excited about the color scheme for this shoe, but if they get me running again I promise to love them forever. They’re super lightweight and have great ventilation, which is a huge plus for someone running in Sacramento in late summer. I’m going to take them out for a beating on the pavement and I’ll let you know how it goes after that.

My goal for this week will be to run at least three days and put in about 8 miles. I’m not sure I’ll have time to do more than that. Plus, I want to take it pretty easy at first. I absolutely don’t want to risk another injury. Oh, and biking has been going really well. Who knew I’d end up getting crazy muscles from biking? I’m still terrible at it. My university is only three miles from my house and I’m always completely worn out by the time I get to class.