Ugh. I have been in the dumps lately about everything. My mood for the past couple of weeks could easily be described as: ANGRY. The slightest things upset me and my boyfriend is continually asking me why I’m so mean lately. Answer: I don’t know. Likely problem: I haven’t been able to run in nearly six weeks now. And now I went to the doctor (finally), who told me I’m not allowed to run anymore – at least not until my leg fully heals. The good news is I don’t have a stress fracture (yet).

I hate when I get in these types of moods. I feel stressed out and drama all the time lately and I hate it. Yesterday I got my hair chopped off and even invested in a new purse to replace my old ratty one with holes all over it. But neither has really seemed to make a dent in this terrible mood I’ve fallen into. I’m seriously considering going to the school psychologist and asking for a Prozac prescription. I wonder if that would help?