Jesus, people. While I’ve been sleeping over here in my little cocoon of happiness, California has somehow become one of those ignorant states that tries to pass anti-rights legislation. What the hell is going on here? How did I allow myself to think that we were past all of this in my lovely home state?

Oh, you haven’t been paying attention either? Well, let me tell you what the November ballot is bringing to you, my lovely Californians:

Proposition 4: The Abortion Waiting Period and Parental Notification Initiative.

What it does: Unemancipated minors – girls under age 18 – won’t be allowed to get an abortion until 48 hours after their parents are notified.

Why I’m Angry: First, this is the THIRD time Californians have been asked to vote on this issue (we voted on it in 2005 AND 2006). As with term limits, I think someone should seriously consider writing a law that says if something is voted down by a certain margin, it can’t be reconsidered for some arbitrary amount of years (let’s say 10). I mean, seriously? When we voted on this in 2005 it didn’t pass, and when we voted on it in 2006 it did even WORSE. Why the hell are you wasting money trying to get this law passed, when it could probably be better spent teaching sex ed (in lieu of abstinence ed) to prevent the pregnancy that requires the abortion???

Secondly, why is this necessary? What is the reasoning that says a 17-year-old can’t decide for herself that she needs an abortion, but at age 18 – even if it’s only a matter of weeks before her birthday – she’s suddenly more capable of decision-making abilities? Does some miracle happen at age 18 that causes women to not want to abort an unwanted baby? And what about girls who are pregnant because of abuse by the family who will now be notified of said abortion? Oh, well the wording allows for notification of some other adult family member in cases of abuse. Because, really, that’s exactly what this girl wants: She wants everyone in the family to know she’s been raped by her dad/brother/whoever. So, in addition to the psychological stress of having been abused and getting an abortion she now has to face telling somebody and wonder if this new adult even believes her and whether it will make any difference.  Ugh, I could really go on for years about this so I’m going to stop.

And, for those of you who are interested: Here‘s my blog about this issue from two years ago. How convenient.

Proposition 8: Eliminate Rights of Same-sex Couples to Marry

What it does: Just like the title says, it will take away the newly won right of gays and lesbians to marry in California. Side note: Can I just say how much I LOVE that the attorney general reworded this so that people actually know what they’re voting for? For once you can look at it and know what Yes means and what No means. This initiative was originally called the “California Marriage Protection Act.” I love how syntax changes everything.

Why I’m Angry: Seriously, is this really still an issue in California? Why is it so hard for people to be accepting of someone else’s lifestyle? Allowing gays and lesbians to marry will not hurt anyone, least of all the “sanctity of marriage,” considering about 50 percent of man/woman marriages end in divorce anyway I think it’s pretty safe to say the sanctity of marriage died about 50 years ago.

I’d really, REALLY love to hear an argument about same-sex marriage that does not include God. Just once. Because it’s not really about God, is it? It’s about fear. You don’t understand the lifestyle so you’re lashing out against it instead of trying to understand it. And you’re hiding behind God to try to cover up your ignorance and hatred and FEAR. Why does unconditional love and “only God can judge” go out the window when it comes to something that you don’t support? Does God really only have unconditional love for the douchebags who can’t  accept a lifestyle outside of their own rose-colored world? If so, that’s not a God I can accept.

And again, didn’t we already vote on this? (2000). And wasn’t this just turned down as an illegal law by the California Supreme Court? How on earth is it able to go on the ballot again after it’s been found to be an illegal law? Am I missing something here? WTF?

Please, please, register to vote people. I know you, like I, have probably reached election fatigue. I’ve been ignoring the election hype for the past three months and while I was sleeping just look what happened. This has taught me the importance of remaining vigilant. The presidential election may be making headlines, but there are still many other things sneaking onto the ballot that we need to pay attention to, so get out there and start finding out where you’re vote is needed.