For those of you who check The Nervous Breakdown regularly, you’ve probably noticed that the site has been completely redesigned. On the front we now have a daily picture and TNB TV, which pretty much rocks. But the best new change to The Nervous Breakdown (TNB) is that it now has threaded comments! That means it has comments like they do here on myspace, where you can reply to each others comments directly rather than leaving a comment at the very bottom that says, “Joe: I’m talking to you here.” I don’t know how they did it, but I’m super excited about this change. It has been one of my biggest pet peeves with non-myspace blogging sites.

I haven’t posted much at TNB, or here, recently, but that’s no reason to not check out the site. There are a ton of new awesome writers over there that you should check out. And hopefully I’ll even be posting some new stuff soon………. – check it out.