Awesomely, my less-than-a-year-old MacBook had hard drive failure last week. I took it into the Apple store on Monday to see if they could rescue any of my files from the hard drive and they were mildly sucessful, if mildly sucessful means they were at least able to rescue my major documents and news clips (all of which I backed up because I knew they were important), but were unable to get any of my music or photos off the bad drive (none of which were backed up yet because I didn’t think my GD computer would die after less than a year).

Now, I realize I’m an idiot for not backing up EVERYTHING on my computer. But seriously? A year and my computer dies on me? What the hell did I pay $1,200 for?! Anyway, because I replaced my computer recently (less than a year ago, in case you needed a reminder), most of my older pictures have already been saved to CDs and stored on an external hard drive. The only new photos I had that aren’t backed up are ALL of the photos Tony and I took while we were living in Paris. I hadn’t backed them up yet because there weren’t a ton of other folders in there screaming to be backed up. And so I have only the photos I uploaded to myspace to remind me of that trip. Yeah, that’s pretty sucky.

Also, I have NO music. Me being the type who loves to throw stuff out and give things away, thought it would be a brilliant idea to put all my music on my computer and then proceed to get rid of all the hard copies. Awesome. Oh, but they WERE kind enough to let me know that I could take the bad drive to a data recovery place and pay $1,000 to have them TRY to recover some other files. Because, you know, money grows on trees.

Needless to say, I’m super stressed out at the moment, and only have two stories due today on deadline, while I’ve been running back and forth to the Apple store so they can replace my hard drive and install the operating system, which awesomely (again) doesn’t include the fucking Office Suite. Writing two articles without Word is pretty much the best thing EVER.

I’m off to slit my wrists now.

UPDATE: Just before slitting my wrists, I checked my email and found out that my editor has an extra license for her copy of the Office Suite and is willing to give it to me. Yay for that! Boo for looking like an irresponsible idiot though. Also, one positive is that the new Apple operating system I installed has the awesome Time Machine feature, which (unsarcastically) awesomely backs up my hard drive EVERY HOUR if I want it to. All I have to do is keep my external hard drive plugged in whenever I’m at my desk. So, Apple, even though I’m SO over you, I’m coming back around.