First, I want to apologize for taking so long to write since my last post. My laptop had hard drive failure last week, so I’ve been without technology for almost a week. Not only that, but I’ve lost all of my information, including passwords to sites (like WordPress). I’m still waiting on a new hard drive to come in so it may be a while still before I’m able to update regularly … not that I really have anything to report. I’m still not running. I gave it a try last week when I thought my leg was feeling better. I only made it a quarter-mile before I had to turn back. I’m not noticing the pain as much this week though, which is a plus considering I have a 5K to run on Saturday. I’ve still been meaning to get in to see the doctor, but haven’t had a chance as I have friends and family visiting from overseas and out of state. For some reason this is the only week everyone had time to visit California so it’s been a bit hectic (but fun!).

Hopefully I’ll have a repaired computer by the weekend so I can update you about my 5K success and write all the fun blogs I had planned before everything went so far off course.