I’ve been training for a half marathon. Being that my last attempt was mediocre at best (since I didn’t train, got only 4 hours of sleep the night before and showed up hungover). So this year I decided to do things differently. I decided I was going to actually train for it. I gave myself 18 weeks to train (I’m currently in week 7), which I thought would give me plenty of time and help me to make it to race day injury free.

I’m here to tell you that’s just not the case. I can barely walk today. I’m pretty sure I have a stress fracture in my right leg, although I’m telling everyone it’s just shin splints so nobody gives me too hard of a time when I still go out for a six-mile run on that practically broken leg.

The pain started midweek last week and has only gotten worse. The good news is that the pain goes away while I’m running. Although I guess that could be bad news because it only encourages me to keep running on it and will probably make the injury worse. I should probably slow my roll, but I was doing so good! I don’t want to stop now. I feel like I’ll have to start over from square one. But I guess if this injury gets worse I really will have to start over. Or worse, I’ll have to forgo the race all together.

I’m super sad about this new development.

On the bright side: I now have a bike and am moving close to the river so I’ll be able to ride/run to my heart’s desire with no interruptions from mean old cars who try to run me over (I actually kicked the car of a lady who nearly ran me over while she was talking on her cell phone this weekend).

I haven’t been up to much else. I’m going to a job interview next week for a position with the school district as a substitute teacher. It’s actually not a “position” per se, but it works fab with my grad schedule and pays really well, so cross your fingers for me on that front.

Oh, and at my new place I planted basil, mint, oregano, cantaloupe, pumpkins, garlic, tomatoes and chili peppers. I’m super excited about that for sure. I wish I had more space (and more money) so I could grow all of the delicious things I love buying from the farmer’s market. When winter hits I think I’m finally going to join a CSA…that is if my cooking habit continues in our new place. Tony’s parent’s kitchen is very conducive to cooking. Hopefully that will be the case in our new place as well.