I’m pretty sure I have shin splints. That or a stress fracture in my right leg. And it’s starting up in my left leg too. I know I should have taken time off running when it first started (Friday, last week), but the pain usually goes away once I start running so I did my six-mile run and two more three-mile runs on it, but then I could barely walk yesterday. I took some major advil and still couldn’t really stand this morning. I’m going to try icing it today and taking a couple of days off running. I’ll probably swim and bike for the next few weeks along with some short runs until it heals. Hopefully this won’t be a huge delay in my training.

Here’s some advice I found online:

To ease the pain and reduce inflammation, ice your shins immediately after running. Use either a store-bought cold pack or simply freeze a wet towel before going out on a run. Whatever you use, wrap the ice pack around your leg and keep it on for 10 or 15 minutes, keeping your foot elevated all the while. Take aspirin or ibuprofen at mealtime to help reduce inflammation further.

Definitely cut back on your mileage and perhaps take a few days off from running. Whatever you do, do not try to run through the pain. You will only make your injury worse and could wind up with a stress fracture.

Do any of you know much about shin splints? I’ve been reading all about it online, but I’d love to know what your experiences have been. Is it really, really bad, or can I still run?