Really, it’s only been four weeks? I feel like I’ve been doing this training forever at this point. It wasn’t so bad until yesterday’s 5.5-mile run. I’d actually been enjoying it up until then. But yesterday was really, really hard for some reason. It was only half a mile longer than last week, but it was killer. See, I run around this park that is 1.1 miles around. Running two or three times around it is hunky dory. But five times was a bit discouraging. Or maybe it was because none of my running partners was able to make it out yesterday. I don’t know, but I think I’m going to try running at the river next week instead. I’ve been avoiding it because the running trail there is paved and I’m worried it will be harder on my knees than the soft ground around the park. We’ll see how it goes though.

This next week is going to be a little bit lax on the running front. First, I’ll be moving into a new apartment so that’s bound to take a lot out of me. Second, it’s Fourth of July, which is one of the only holidays I actually like. And third, I’m driving to Utah with my sisters this weekend for a family reunion so I may not have time for my long run (plus it’s nearly impossible for me to run more than a mile in Utah due to the elevation change. I cannot breathe there!).

Totals for this week:
Mileage: 15.82 (only .18 short of my goal)
Average Pace: 11:10 (14 second increase from last week, awesome!)
Total Training Miles: 52.68