Today I completed my longest run in training so far, which was super cool because when I finished my run Paula Radcliffe came on my iPod and said, “Congratulations, you’ve just completed your longest run.” And that’s why I love running with the Nike chip. Sad, but true.

I only ran slightly more than last week, which is weird because all of my runs were longer than my runs for last week. The difference was that I only ran four days, rather than five. That one extra day would have put me at 16 or 17 miles, but I guess that will have to be my goal for next week. Instead I swam two days this week. I felt like it would help with the minor joint pain I’ve been having. Plus, it works out my arms, which pretty much never happens. AND I get a tan. Woohoo!

Seriously though, it’s important to take rest days or do cross training when you know your body needs a break from the pavement. It feels great to beat records and increase your mileage week by week, but it’s not worth risking not being able to run for weeks on end. Keep that in mind as you continue your training (I know it’s always in the front of my mind).

So, goal for next week will be to run 5.5 miles on Sunday and to run at least 16 miles for the week.

Totals for this week:

Total miles: 13.99
Average Pace: 11:24 (10 second increase over last week)
Total Training Mileage: 36.86 miles