I’ve been reading a lot of running stuff lately and I always hear talk of people having more energy when they start running. I’m not one of these people. I’ve been getting up early to run because it’s so hot out the last week or so, then when I get home I end up sleeping away half the day. Is this because I’m a newer runner? Maybe I have to build up some kind of energy reserves before I actually feel more energized during the day. I have no idea. Does anyone else have issues with this? Or does running really give you more energy? Or is it just psychological? Maybe if I think I have more energy then I will. You know, one of those self-fulfilling prophecies?

And what’s with the runner’s high? When I finish all I want to do is crumple up into a little ball and not move for awhile. That and drink my weight in water. Do you have to run longer distances to get that runner’s high? Because really, I’m looking forward to that.

OK then, enough rambling for today. Your thoughts are welcome.