I didn’t do so good this week. I was having a really hard time completing my runs and I didn’t even do my long run on Saturday because I was hosting book club at my house and ended up spending several hours chopping vegetables and making yummy food for my guests (this is really just an excuse, I realize this). I did do the 5K today though and still got under 35 minutes, which I’m really proud of. I was super sad though that I wasn’t able to keep up my starting pace of a 10-minute mile. The last two were both 12-minute miles. At least I’m consistently getting below 35 minutes now for my 5K times.

The biggest lesson I learned this week is that I cannot time my runs. In the beginning portion of my training I’m supposed to run for timed periods, rather than setting a mileage goal. This past week I was supposed to have run 35 minutes a day, which I managed to do. The problem was that I was walking a good portion of the time. What I realized was that, psychologically, I could not force myself to run when I knew that running wouldn’t get me to the finish any quicker. What I had to do was change my method. On my third run of the week I set my Nike+iPod to track my distance (5K) instead of my time. I managed to keep myself from walking because I kept telling myself it would be done quicker if I just ran. It ended up taking me 36 minutes, so I actually ran longer than I would have, but my brain was way happier doing it.

I’m making up my long run tomorrow morning. Only 4 miles (50 minutes) so it shouldn’t be too hard. I’m so glad it’s still a few weeks before I have to pump myself up to run 8 or 12 miles.

Week 1
Total miles: 9.15
Avg. Pace: 11.46