When I was living in France I had a couple of teeth that were bothering me. After a couple of weeks of pain every time I ate anything, I finally went to see a dentist. It was pretty much the scariest dentist appointment I’ve ever had in my life. I had x-rays done, during which I was not given the lead apron we’re so accustomed to here in the U.S.

Then the dentist told me I had three cavities and asked if I’d like to have them filled. I said yes, of course. She then proceeded to drill out three whole teeth from my mouth. I saw it in the mirror before she filled them and saw that nearly each entire tooth was completely gone. I don’t know if this is normal but it freaked me out. Then, once she had drilled out my entire teeth, she told me she doesn’t do the conglomerate fillings, again something totally standard here. Instead my options were the old amalgam fillings (80 euros per tooth) or some crazy ceramic thing that I’ve never heard of (300 euros per tooth). You can guess which one I went with.

Needless to say, it ended up being not the best filling job ever. Since that time I’ve had a lot of difficulty flossing between the three teeth that were filled because she didn’t file down the sides like my other dentists have done in the past. I figured though if I continued to floss and brush them the fillings would eventually wear down to where they’d be comfortable. Turns out what actually happens is the floss eventually gets stuck on one of those jagged spots, I yank on it to try to get it out and end up pulling out one of the fillings. Awesome.

So basically I’m headed to the dentist tomorrow to hand over my yet to be first born child in exchange for a re-filling sans assurance (without insurance). Hopefully this dentist will be way less sheisty though. And also, I hope he doesn’t try to make me get all my other tooth problems fixed tomorrow. I know I have to get it done eventually, but this one damn tooth is going to cost me $500. At this point, if there’s not a huge gaping hole in my tooth I’m not getting it fixed.

Now for something positive (I try to balance it out here at the Bex Adler Herald): I ran the Strawberry Jam on Saturday (which, by the way, is the cutest thing ever) and beat my best ever 5K time by a full minute! How awesome is that?! My best ever time before this was 35:30 from a 5K in the OC in January 2007. My new time was 34:18! Woohoo! OK, but the weirdest part about this is that my time in last week’s 5K was 37:18. How did I beat last week’s time by a full 3 minutes? (I think it was the lack of people to go around. There were only about 70 runners competing at the Strawberry Jam, whereas there were about 25,000 at the Race for the Cure last week.)

How was your weekend?