I’m back in California after a week in Utah for my sister’s wedding. I had so super much fun there I can’t even believe it. I got to hang out with my sister and her friends the whole week helping her move and prepare for the wedding. My sister seriously has the most amazing life. I can see why she’s so happy. She has an amazing now-husband and fabulous friends.

While I was there I was reading this crazy book about “finding faith, hope and love.” And it really made me question, for the first time in a long time, my decision to leave my religion. Seeing my sister so happy and living the good Mormon life made me think about how often I see happy Christians. And the book only reinforced that feeling. I sometimes wonder if I could be that happy if I could believe in Jesus. But then I think of all the things I’d have to give up and all the effort it would take to become faithful and I decide not to even try. It was really weird thinking about all that stuff again. It had seriously been years since I’d wondered about the church.

Anyway, I’m just so super happy for my sister. You can check out the pictures (all taken by my fab boyfriend) here. While your there, take note of the flowers and my sister’s hair. I totally did that! How awesome is that? Also, this was the first wedding I’ve been to in the past couple of years without being super bitter and cynical. My sister and her new husband just look so happy and in love, I couldn’t help but get carried away in it myself. Yay for them!

Oh, and the coolest thing about my sister’s wedding? She had wedding cake-shaped pinatas at the reception! Best idea ever!