Dewey, over at The Hidden Side of a Leaf started the Weekly Geeks this week, giving us book bloggers something new and interesting to either do or write about each week. I like this because it helps me to keep my blog update regularly (the same reason I love Booking Through Thursday). I have been better about keeping my blog updated lately, but I still haven’t reached “daily” status yet and that’s what I’m really shooting for (and only managed to do for the first week of this blog).

So this week, the assignment was to discover new blogs – five of them! This kept me busy because I wanted to list blogs that I really liked rather than just listing any old blog. I figure listing blogs that I enjoy and learn from will be more beneficial for people who read my blog as well, yes? Yes.

And here they are:

Stephanie’s Confessions of a Book-a-Holic
– I like that Stephanie lets her personality our in her blogs and I love that she covers some book news as well as writing reviews. Oh, and she loves the library which makes me heart her even more.

Everyday Reads – From what I’ve read of Lighthearted’s blogs, I think we have similar tastes in books. I’ll definitely be checking back to get book suggestions from her.

The Literate Kitten – This is a fun blog and also has interesting news bits about books which makes my heart smile in a big way.

Passion for the Page – This blogger is super organized with her challenges. I’m only doing two and I’m not doing so hot on completing them. Also, I like her review style, giving the book stats at the beginning. It’s a great feature.

Reading Reflections – Laura is another fun book blogger with an interesting selection of books. I’ve found lots of new books for my reading list on her page.