Can I just say how glad I am that my favorite local bar/restaurant has free internet access? When I come to Sacramento with Tony, which is most days, I come here early in the morning because the library doesn’t open until 10 a.m. Of course, I come here for more than just the free internet. I also love their breakfast. Their lunch food isn’t really my favorite and it’s a bit too pricey for a unemployed loser living with her boyfriend’s parents. I’m a little bit put off my breakfast right now though because of the urban hipster couple sitting near me. Urban hipsters. Heh.

So anyway, if you’re wondering why I come to Sacramento so often, it’s because I don’t want Tony’s parents to think that I’m a bum. I do have work to do. It’s just that as a freelancer I don’t LOOK like I’m working all the time. If I come to Sacramento to meet with editors and spend the day at the library working, it creates the effect that I have real work to do. I’m hoping this will offset the eventual parent feeling (because all parents do this, even if they’re as cool as Tony’s parents) of us taking advantage of them because Tony’s girlfriend is a bum and why doesn’t she just get a real job already? Right? Right.

Oh, and I have an interview for a real job next week. It’s only a summer job, but a job nonetheless. Having a more steady income will definitely be a good thing as Tony and I try to get enough money together for an apartment. Oh, a cell phone would be nice too. I’m working my way up, I swear.

OK then, hope you’re all having a happy Friday. I’m going to enjoy my breakfast now.