I have to admit that for a long time I secretly judged my boyfriend for using Head & Shoulders shampoo. I always associated it with old gray-haired men for some reason. Don’t ask me why. Anyway, just before I left France I was trying to use up all of our shampoos and body gels so I wouldn’t feel guilty throwing them away. I ended up using Tony’s Head & Shoulders one day after he left and it left my hair feeling AMAZING. This is one company who doesn’t lie when they say your hair will feel silky and smooth if you use it. So if any of you have the same weird “old guy” feeling about Head & Shoulders, I recommend getting a FREE sample. I totally went out and bought H&S for Tony and me when I got back here.

As I get older I feel like I sound more and more like the commercials I’m subjected to daily. I wonder why that is? I wonder if adults have always talked like that, or if we talk like that because we learn it from commercials. I think it’s some kind of viscious cycle. I think commercials were originally based off real people, but now we follow cues from commercials…etc.

Anyway, I read in this weekend’s San Francisco Chronicle that a Bay Area nanny is suing her employers for bad treatment and poor pay. She was only getting paid $1,300 a month for 14-hour days six days a week. That’s double what I was getting paid. I guess I could have sued after all. Oh, and this family she worked for, their house is worth $17 million. How do you not have enough money to pay a good salary to the woman taking care of you kid/s? I don’t understand people. If you want someone to be nice to your kids and take good care of them, how about you don’t treat them like dirt? That’d be what I’d do anyway. Here’s the article if you want to read it.