I know I want to believe that Sacramento is nothing but good things right now, but the truth is there are some things about Sacramento that still suck. No. 1 on that list is allergies. Sacramento is absolutely beautiful in the springtime, being that it has hundreds of different types of trees. There isn’t any plant in the world that wouldn’t flourish in Sacramento. But along with that comes the fact that no matter what you’re allergic to, it’s bound to be found here.

On the plane ride home I started to get a really bad sore throat. I thought I must be getting a cold or I was just dehydrated so I drank tons and tons of water. But now, three days later, that sore throat has morphed into a full-on allergy attack. I’ve had a headache behind my eyes since late last night. My nose is runny, then stuffy, then runny. My whole face itches and my throat feels like someone is scratching nails on the back of it. And I can’t stop sneezing.

This is only my second year of having allergies so I’m still not sure which allergy medication to take. I took benadryl last night and passed out, but I think you’re only allowed to take it for a few days before you’re supposed to consult your (nonexistent) doctor. Also, when taking Benadryl there’s no alcohol. So really, I have to decide whether I prefer a nice buzz, or the feeling of having nails scratched along the back of my throat. So unfair.

OK then, I’m headed back to bed. Hope you all are well and I’ll try to be better by the weekend.