Today I moved out of my apartment. Now I’m that much closer to home! I can’t wait.

Last night I embarrassed myself at a French-English Conversation exchange. I showed up after already having drunk half a bottle of wine. I brought the rest of said bottle of wine with me to the bar, along with a glass. Shortly after pouring myself a large glass of the wine and putting the bottle out in full view, the bartender came over and was not happy at all that I had snuck in my own booze. He didn’t kick me out, but he did take the bottle and my glass of bootlegged wine.

I also met this girl from San Francisco who I didn’t get along with very well. I kept saying inappropriate things because I’d had too much wine and she kept looking at me with contempt. And anyway, I didn’t like her almost immediately because when her boyfriend asked me what Sacramento was like, she didn’t even give me a chance to respond before saying, “It’s a hole.” I wonder if she’s even ever been to Sacramento. I hate that girl.

I woke up this morning not feeling too hot. And what you’ve read above is just about all I can remember of the night. I’m also extremely nervous because I left the keys and my farewell letter at my boss’ house this morning. I was seriously shaking from nerves. And now all I can do is wait for her scary phone calls.

I’m reading “Love in the time of Cholera” right now. It was the cheapest thing that looked interesting at the book store. All of the other books were 11 euros or more, but for some reason this one was only 8 euros so I bought it to keep me company for the next few days. I think its loss in value comes from it being on the Oprah’s Book Club list. I didn’t know that until AFTER I bought it, but it annoys me all the same. I don’t know why I hate Oprah’s Book Club so much, but I really do. I think it bothers me because it means just about every woman in America is reading the same book just because Oprah recommends it. Does anybody pick up a book anymore without the media telling them to? Just wondering.

OK then, hope you are all well.