There are two things that caught my eye in book news today. The first was an article in The New York Post about James Frey’s new book, which is scheduled to be released in May. Frey hasn’t really released any details about the book, but there seemed to be an overemphasis on the word FICTION. Coincidence? I think not.

The second was an article about the author of an assisted suicide guidebook, who was detained in New Zealand after being caught at the airport carrying a copy of his book, which was banned there because it could be used as a how-to guide for suicidal readers. After being held at the airport for more than two hours, Phillip Nitchske (AKA Dr. Death) was allowed to leave carrying his copy of The Peaceful Pill Handbook. According to the Waikato Times story, the book had been altered and therefore was not considered a copy of the book banned by the Australian government. My questions: Do they have this guy on terrorist watch or something? Or do they just have extremely good airport security there and check the titles of every book being carried by passengers?

P.S. Apparently the book has been banned on Amazon as well because I had to look up Nitschke’s own site in order to get the image of the book cover.