First, I hope you all are going to go out and vote today. You can still register here. I’m really bummed I’m not there to take part in the primaries, but I have been following the race closely and you can bet when I get back there will be tons of political blogs to come. I’m so excited about getting W out of the White House. It makes my heart smile in a big way.

Second, the other day I was driving in the car and heard the funniest thing on the radio. As part of a news story about the smoking ban, the announcer said (in French of course) that the smell of cigarettes in Paris night clubs has now been replaced with the smell of B.O. I’m not really sure which is worse, but it seems the B.O. problem should be easily taken care of, yes?

Last, if you haven’t checked out The Nervous Breakdown lately, I highly recommend it. There are some great posts up right now. None from me, but I’ll try to have some soon.

I do, however, have a new review up on The Inside Cover, so feel free to check that out.