Last night Tony and I went to La Fée Verte, an absinthe bar in the 11th arrondissement, with some friends. I didn’t actually try it because once we got there I realized absinthe is black licorice-flavored, also known as the worst flavor of all time. However, I thought the absinthe process was quite cool. It was also interesting to learn that absinthe is no longer illegal in France. For some reason I though it wasn’t allowed still.

Anyway, the picture above shows the glasses of absinthe with slotted spoons lying across the glasses. Each of the spoons holds a sugar cube, which will be dissolved by slow-dripping water from the lady fountain above it. Once the sugar cube is dissolved the absinthe is ready for drinking. The faster yours dissolves, the higher your drink’s alcohol percentage. Interesting, yes? Learn more about absinthe on Wikipedia.

About absinthe’s legality, from wikipedia: “France never repealed its 1915 ban on absinthe, but in 1988 a law was passed stating that only beverages that do not comply with European Union regulations with respect to thujone content, or that call themselves ‘absinthe’ explicitly, fall under the old ban. This has resulted in the re-emergence of French absinthes, now labeled liqueur à base de plantes d’absinthe or liqueur aux extraits d’absinthe (‘wormwood-based liqueur’ or ‘liqueur with wormwood extract’).

“Many absinthes marketed openly in other countries are re-labeled to meet these legal guidelines for sale in France. Interestingly, as the 1915 law regulates only the sale of absinthe in France but not its production, many manufacturers also produce variants destined for export which are plainly labeled ‘absinthe’. La Fée Absinthe, released in 2000, was the first brand of absinthe distilled and bottled in France since the 1915 ban, initially for export from France, but now one of roughly fifty French-produced absinthes available in France.”

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