I don’t know, maybe I don’t understand because I’ve been out of the U.S. for a few months. But I’m pretty sure the U.S. economy has been tanking for about a year now, maybe longer. We could well be on our way to another Great Depression, and what’s the answer? A stimulus package! Yes, because it’s worked so well the last two times Bush tried it! “Americans need money in their pockets now,” Bush is quoted as saying to Congress. Um, yeah, but we’ve needed money for quite some time. Maybe you could have given us some of that $81 billion you spent on the war?

I’m totally unconvinced that a “stimulus package” will do anything to stimulate the economy. Giving Americans an extra $300 may help for about, um, maybe a week, but it’s not going to make any long-term difference on the state of the economy. I’m not too smart when it comes to stocks and trade and all that, but I’m pretty sure the amount of consumer debt and the adjusted rate mortgages out there are not helping the American economy, especially as people begin to either try to pay off their debt or file for bankruptcy. I sincerely wish congress and the president would do something more than throw money at us to try to make us look the other way. “Hey, don’t look over there! I’ve got a wad of cash in this hand over here!” Why not maybe fix something in the country instead of just trying to move our attention elsewhere or put a patch on the leak.

Why? Because Bush wants the next president to get stuck with it. When we’re in a recession, it never matters that the last president was the one who fucked everything up, it matters what the new president does to fix it. And the new president is the one who gets blamed and is voted out of office four years down the road. I’m so bummed by this stupid stimulus package. But $300 off my taxes would be fab since I have to pay a ton this year (freelancing does have it’s downside).