I just finished watching the New Hampshire debate on CNN.com and I’m a bit fired up. You know how I get about politics. And you know that you will now be subject to my opinion unless you close this browser. So here we go…

First off, can I just say how upset I am that the other democrats have hijacked Barack Obama’s campaign slogan? During the NH debate, I think I heard the word “change” out of Hilary Clinton and John Edward’s mouths almost as many times as GW used the word “terrorism” during his 2004 campaign. Sorry Hilary, you’re a bit late on this one. Apparently, you weren’t on the pulse of the American people (or at least the democrats). If you were, you’d have known that we want nothing more than for something to change in our nation. John Edwards, I’m not giving you as hard of a time because you were onto the whole change thing before Jan. 3.

What bothered me most in the debate though was Bill Richardson and Hilary still harping on the fact that John Edwards and Barack Obama don’t have enough “experience” to lead the country. To be perfectly honest, I think their lack of “experience” is what makes them so appealing to the American people, especially to the under 35s.

Personally speaking, I like that Edwards and Obama don’t have a long laundry list of people they owe favors to. I like that they haven’t proved they’ll grease palms to get something passed. To me, they might still have integrity. They might actually be willing to listen to the American people and it’s their lack of “experience” that gives them this. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

What I like most about these candidates is that for the first time in 8 years, I have hope again. Hope that America won’t continue to look like a bully to the rest of the world. Hope that the war in Iraq will come to an end. Hope that American politicians will start doing what’s best for all Americans, not what’s best for their pockets or their careers.

I find Obama to be one of the most inspirational politicians I’ve listened to in a long time. If you haven’t listened to his vicotry speech in Iowa, I suggest you do so. It will make you feel like this country can change. And it just may make your heart smile.

Also, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention to the primaries, here are some links to help you find out about the candidates. I suggest you read up, register to vote, and get out there to make some change in this country.

First, you can watch Obama’s speech here.

Second, if you want to find out who matches your beliefs on “the issues” go here.

And if you want to learn about the candidates, read the latest news about them, and watch their speeches, go here.

And please, dear Lord, do not let Mike Huckabee win the election. I will be so sad if the slogan “Faith. Family. Freedom.” wins him the presidency. All this country needs is a little more of the same it’s had for the past eight years.