In 2007 I reached most of my goals. I ran a half-marathon, did outdoor rock climbing, got my TEFL certificate, learned basic (very basic) German and moved to a foreign country. The only two that left me hanging were doing 8 things from the 101 things to do before you die list, and selling all my stuff on e-bay. I did manage to sell a lot of my stuff, but I also gave a lot away and ended up putting some in storage at my sister’s house. Oh yes, and I only read 38 books instead of 52, but I’m still glad I made the goal because I read way more than I have in years.

It seems making reachable goals is a lot more fulfilling than making goals that I’d like to happen, but in all likelihood will never be achieved (like working out everyday). So, this year I have similar goals to those I made in 2007. Here they go:

1. Read 52 books, or one book a week. If nothing else, I’d like to at least read more books than I did in 2007.

2. This one was supposed to be “finally take that rock climbing trip with my sister,” but she just told me she’s going to El Salvador from May until August so I don’t even know if I’ll have a chance to see her this year.

3. Run another half-marathon (the cowtown in October), but train better this time. I want to beat last year’s time so I really should train.

4. Buy a bike and ride it to school.

5. Pass all my pre-requisites, aka don’t slack off in my first semester back at CSUS.

6. Really learn German, like in a class. I now know I can’t get by with “Guten Tag,” so I’ve got to do something more organized.

I think those are all doable, yes?

What were your New Year’s resolutions?