Tony and I are headed back to Paris tomorrow and not looking forward to it. We’ve had such a nice stay here in Garmisch we don’t want to leave. And as we sat discussing how much we’re dreading going back to Paris, we realized what a couple of spoiled brats we are.

“I can’t believe we’re complaining about going to Paris,” Tony said.

“I know!” I said.

I guess it doesn’t matter where you live, when you go on vacation it’s hard to face the fact that you have to go back to real life.

So instead of being super sad that I have to go home tomorrow, let’s talk about how much fun I’m having here.

Yesterday we went ice skating and I learned that Tony is actually really good at it. He was a big show off, doing turns and skating backward and what-not. It was hard to get a good picture though. Here’s Tony and Harry (Tony’s cousin’s fiance).

Then we walked around town and got some wurst. Can I just say that I can never come to Germany again if I don’t want to gain 600 pounds? I’ve been here for only 10 days and I swear I’ve gained about 20 pounds. The food is just too good to be reckoned with and I stuff myself because I know I won’t have all this yumminess when I get back to Paris. Oh, so the pic of me and my wurst:

Behind me to the left is the little stand where we bought it. Yum!

Also, the other day we went to the coolest indoor pool I’ve ever been to. Actually it had about six pools. Two kiddy pools, a giant wave pool, a warm pool, a diving pool and a spa. It also had two giant water slides that ended in their own little pools. I didn’t have a camera so there are no pictures, but trust me, it was awesome. I felt like I got to have a day of summer and it made my heart smile. They had sun lamps in there, so that boosted my happiness rating by a bit.

My favorite part was the diving pool. They had boards ranging from 1 meter to 6 meters (the platform boards). I only dove from the 3 meter and the 1 meter, but it was super fun. I tried a bunch of my old dives from high school and I was shocked at how well I was still able to remember them.

Despite all of this exercise in the past few days, the one thing I’m looking forward to in France is losing some pounds again. I liked my jeans being loose.

Everyone have a safe and happy new year! Kisses to you all. Mwah!