Tony and I spent the last few days visiting his family here. On Christmas Eve we went to Mittenwald to see his Great Aunt and Uncle, along with their children and grand daughter. I got to see what a real German christmas was like (they celebrate on Christmas Eve).

First they lit candles on the Christmas tree and I nearly had a nervous breakdown worrying that the curtains were going to catch fire and send the house up in flames. Then they play a Christmas song that calls the children in to open presents. Even though there weren’t any children they still did it so I could see what a traditional Christmas is like. Then they sang Silent Night in German and then they opened presents. We at lots of food just like we would in the U.S. and we ate way too many cookies and sweets.

We also took a small Christmas tree (tanenbaum) to the cemetery where Tony’s grandparents are buried. There, we lit the candles on the tree and had a moment of silence before going to leave a candle at the grave of one of his other ancestors. I thought it was a really beautiful tradition though. I also snuck a picture (is that sacrilege?).

We also went on a tour of the town, which looks like it’s straight out of a Thomas Kinkade painting. The preggo pictures of me are from that tour. Also on the tour, we saw the most ornate church I think I’ve ever been in (pictured above). I get really creeped out in churches like that though so we didn’t stay long.

Then on Christmas day we went to a town called Icking to see Tony’s second cousins, who are all our age. We kind of just slacked around though because it’s a small town and everything was closed. Not only that but it’s FREEZING here. On Christmas eve it was negative 15 degrees celsius, hence the bright red nose in the pictures. Oh, but we did go to a pub when we got a bit stir crazy and I tried a drink named after me (the Radler). It’s lemonade and beer. It may sound gross, but it’s actually pretty delicious.

Hope you all had a good Christmas too.