Um, this is the cutest little town I think I’ve ever seen. Tony and I are in a valley created by the Bavarian Alps so we’re surrounded by mountains. And all the houses are just so typically what you think of German houses that it makes me just want to pinch their cheeks (if they had cheeks). We spent a lot of time walking around yesterday, but, as is the case in France, nearly everything was closed because it was Sunday.

Luckily, the restaurants were open and I got to eat real German food. It was amazing. I’m even going to have to agree with Tony and say I liked it better than French food, although it was much heavier than French cuisine. I only had three dumplings and I felt like I was going to pop. We also ate at the pizza place called Renzo’s. All of the workers were speaking Italian and the pasta and pizza were so authentic I felt like I went to Italy for the night. They also gave us free glasses of Amaretto at the end of the night so I for sure like them.

We’re staying in what once was Tony’s grandparents’ home. It’s absolutely beautiful and way too big for Europe. Everything inside is made of wood so I feel like I’m staying in a German cottage. There are views of the mountains from every window. Oh, and it’s above a bookstore. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this (although I’m pretty sure I have) but my dream is to own a bookstore and live above it. I’m pretty much faking my dream right now.

Back in the day the bookstore was actually a furniture store, owned and operated by Tony’s grandparents. I love them for that even though I never met them.

Um, so enough talking, here are some photos:

This is the bedroom we’re staying in.

This is a German helmet from WWI, found in the living room here.

This is the fridge disguised as a set of cupboards. Love it!

This is the view from the kitchen.

One of Germany’s oversized words.

Tony with one of the drunk guy’s from the train.

A bookshelf I hope to replicate in my own house one day.

Proof that German’s aren’t afraid to admit that Santa’s black.

Tony drinking Gluhwein at the Christmas Market we went to yesterday.

OK then, if you want to see other pictures you can look in the photo album. I don’t want you guys getting too bored.

Have a merry Christmas!